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The Animal Alston keeps his distance from fakers and wannabes. UBP join the show to f*** it all up!

-The Animal Alston is a NC native rapper form a small city known as "the San-Trap" (Sanford, NC). The aggressive yet witty rhyme style of the Animal has dates back to the release of his first (now unattainable) mixtape "The Towelette Bowl" where the rapper quested hallways, bathrooms, and locker rooms of his high school recording freestyles and rap battles of himself and fellow classmates. In the same talent scouting spirit, the Animal Alston was able to enlist his brother, Young Heavyweight, A-1, Country Kev, and other San-Trap talents to formulate the eclectic and gritty UnBornPlanet group U.B.P.
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