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The Animal Alston

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The Animal life.

Beginings: 1504 Winslow "tha ghetto". Common place for pimps, hoes, drug dealers, and "tha hustel men (or women)". Bourn Scott. describes his childhood as just that; "hood". "...seen crack heads of all types . We came up with a iron heart but pure to the thing we call life. The Alston family never took no shit from nobody. Hard workin peopel makein money the American way was my mother and father they wanted us to stay out the streets and make something better for ourselves. Waching my father and mother go to work ever day to provide for five kids give me a hustel state of mind that brings out that push in me to go hard on everything. Basketball was my freedom. I took my anger out on the black-top. I became one of tha best slam dunk champion th 'Sand-Trap' had ever seen." Alston was introduced to hip-hop as a freestyler in Highschool and routinely gathered adoring crowds around his cyphers.  "I was told by many people that I have a voice for hiphop. The music always took me away from the block, or whatever the drama was at the time. I took all my pain and put my lyrics down on any thing I could get my hands on that's around tha time I gained the name

The Animal." 


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