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Christopher "Topp" Morgan of Sanford (aka The San-Trap) via The Cap (Raleigh, NC). Topp (formerly known as "Topp-er") has a smooth, southern flow, influenced heavily by the West Coast hip hop movements of the late 80s early 90s. Groups like NWA, Bone Thugs in Harmony, Three Six Mafia and UGK along with artist like 2 Pac, Master P, The Wu Tang Clan, and T.I. can all take attributation to his flow and content. To Topp growing up with these groups was a way to identify with a movement and connect himself to the world.

Topp-er's global outlook on life,"...everything that happens everywhere can influence the person next to you seeing that action, or the person 6,000 miles away in a different just never know who is gonna relate or why." ... "When I was in Africa, I saw some of the most beautiful well as some of the most heartbreaking...shit was crazy, but that's how life is...crazy and beautiful all at the same time and I try to keep my music that way.".




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