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UBP's Motion Release Party

April, 8
Elks Lodge, Sanford
No Tickets Available
More Coming Soon...



2007 UbP (Unborn Planet) started from broken promises. "we delt with organizations that were not true to the music". The group began from the younger brother watching The Animal Alston's dedication to the studio. But dont get too compfortable in this teams slippery structure. UBP is an everchanging evolution of members (artist's and supporters the same), and featured artist that will, for sure, keep you on edge of every track.

"..if you like Wu Tang like me, UBP is your latest revision." -Supr Badd 


Thought the group's members are in constant flux, fans can always rest in the lead and influence of its 2 most faithful members, Young HeavyWeight, and A1.  A1, originally form the DC Metro area, brings his "DMV to NC". Young HeavyWeight, originally from the san-trap (Sanford, NC), puts his hood on his back, and carries it well.  The rap group is a fusion of high energy punch-lines and smooth clever wordplay.  Consulted by the wisdom of The Animal Alston, the group makes plans to show the world the life in the San-Trap.

The groups ideology is to hustle only to live better. Better hustle; better better!



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