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Artist Mill Inernational


The same way a mill uses the power of an already established natural power, Artist Mill's mission is to find the most powerful potential and harnests it into the greatest music product you can savor.

Artists About Business

AMI takes interactive approach towards their artists and team. Having execs that  are artists themselves, the company is more of a partnership of artist with common goals and an action plan.  Much like a co-op, everyone shares in the responsibilities when it comes to developing the music, as well as handling the business end of the company. Everyone plays a part.

The Mill

Owning a world class studio dosn't hurt either. Artist Mill International Studios based in Raleigh, NC makes it easy for current AMI artists to not only have the most pristine sound for their creation, but also, being in high demand, serves as a recruiting ground for new talent, major features, and collaborative efforts.

Performance READY!

Each AMI artist undergoes a indebpt deveolpement process that readies them to provide an outstanding performance in every venue or on any plaform.

Since all artist are already selected for character, creativity, and work effort, clients and fans can alwayse expect the best.

Future READY!

Anything that doesn't change dies! (or at least that's how we see it)

With that in mind AMI is constantly looking to work with the next best producer, artist, or business talent that to make our collective greater that the day before.

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