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At 13 I bought a microphone and recording software to learn how to do cuts and edit. I started making music and older guys liked it. I became the music man. My parents, Uncle and Grandparents are influences to me they are hardworking Career baring, dedicated family oriented people. I watch them help people and never complain about it.
I started off doing poetry and one day I read a poem at school with someone playing the saxophone, the tempo was fast so I just went with the flow from there I knew I could turn my writing into music. When I opened for Travis Porter/ Plies it was a great experience.

My son inspires my success. My family is most important even though I am doing something I love doing. My aspiration is to be the best rapper. I like J Coles & Drake as rappers and R&B musicians and 50 Cent is a great business man in the industry. I have a lot I want the world to hear and I am ready to be heard.



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