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“I didn’t even know who DJ XL was!” That’s the story Beaxtiful Mamii tells about her first studio session ever.

Originally from Mexico City, the artist, Beaxtiful Mamii, born Moncé Marines, known to her family as “our Talent”.  North Carolina became home for her roots at an early age from which Moncé began her journey as a rapper, freestyling with friends.  After sitting in on recording sessions of close friends’, Moncé finally decided to test her own skills in the booth. She scheduled her first Studio session at AMI Studios, Raleigh.  Completely by coincidence DJXL (Artist Mill International’s president) walked into her session and was blown away by her talent and uniqueness as she recorded the “Hot Nigga Remix”.


I never would’ve have imagined that I’d be a recording artist. Not because I don’t want to be but just because I never thought I’d be brave enough…” “…some random guy was sitting in my session, and next thing I know, I got a record deal with the top studio in Raleigh!”-Beaxtiful Mamii


Beaxtiful Mamii introduced herself as such to DJXL and was sign to a production deal with Artist Mill shortly after. Starting as part the FHF crew lead by rapper High G, Beaxtiful Mamii has since separated herself as an individualized solo identity. Her name personifies her ideology, which inspires fans to, “Give your troubles to fun! Dream big and accomplish things we set our mind to. We all have the potential to write a beautiful story.”  Further clarified, “The x in Beaxtiful Mamii represents the imperfections that make us all beautiful. The more we shamelessly be ourselves, the more beautiful we are.”


Mamii (for short) attributes her inspiration the likes of Eminem, and Travis Scott who, in the same manner, use music as a counterbalance and release for depression and anxiety. She attributes her drive to the love of her son, family, and late grandmother.


Beaxtiful Mamii’s musical style crosses Hip Hop, House, EDM, and Dance music with Latin flavor, rapping in an English and Spanish mix (Spanglish).  Thus far has shared a stage with well-known acts including Archangel, and is currently accepting bookings promoting her current mixtape and newest single “La Patrona”.


Beaxtiful Mamii

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With Arcangel

MAY, 21
Levels Night Club, Raleigh NC

Opening Performer

UBP's Motion Release Party

April, 8
Elks Lodge, Sanford


More to come . . .

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